Application Performance Monitoring

Get full visibility of your application performance with detailed statistics about every route, database query, or network call. You can easily identify slow or failing operations, find the root cause, and deploy the fix in no time.

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Break down routes performance

Get access to vital metrics for every route in your app such as request processing rate, response latency (percentiles and heatmaps), failure rate, and more.

Track down slow queries

Uptrace parses and intelligently groups similar queries together providing detailed database performance overview. As a bonus, all SQL queries are pretty-printed for you.

Control your environment

Get under control how other services affect your application performance by measuring and monitoring remote procedure calls.

Monitor in-app errors and logs

Identify and fix bugs faster knowing what conditions lead to which errors. You immediately see the impact on app performance and users experience.

Resolve incidents faster

Compare each deployment against previous ones to know how your application is changing over time and which operations cause the change.

Application Performance Monitoring for all languages

We can tell within seconds if there is a change in performance and act accordingly.
Herman Miller
Software Developer @ CloudGun

Eliminate performance bottlenecks
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