Golang memory arenas [101 guide]

Go 1.20 release added a new experimental arena package that provides memory arenas. You can use memory arenas to improve performance by reducing the number of allocations and deallocations that need to occur during runtime.

Monitoring Relay Redis client with OpenTelemetry

Relay is a Redis client for PHP that can be used as a drop-in replacement for PhpRedis and Predis, except two orders of magnitude faster.

This article explains how to use OpenTelemetry and Uptrace to monitor Relay Redis client.

DataDog vs Prometheus [key features]

Both Prometheus and Datadog are monitoring tools, but Prometheus is open source and Datadog is proprietary. Prometheus is the most popular tool for monitoring time series metrics, and Datadog is an APM, logs, time series, and tracing tool that provides you with nearly everything in one place.

So, how to choose between Datadog and Prometheus? This guide provides a head-to-head comparison between both products based on installation complexity, user interface, running costs, and more.

Top 6 DataDog Competitors and Alternatives [2023 comparison]

Considering alternatives to Datadog? DataDog has a high learning curve and can be quite expensive if you need to monitor a lot of hosts and microservices.

Here are top DataDog competitors that can offer similar functionality with a simpler user interface and smaller costs. But first, let's dig deep into DataDog to know its competitors.

Top 7 Free Distributed Tracing Tools [updated for 2023]

Tracing tools help you manage, monitor, and assess performance of your cloud infrastructure, services, and applications, and make sure your customers get the best digital experience.

The best tracing tools can help you eliminate performance bottlenecks and recover from incidents faster. Use this guide to pick the right one for you.

Top 11 Grafana Alternatives [comparison 2023]

Grafana is a widely used open-source platform for monitoring and visualization. Grafana has a lot of built-in functionality and also provides a large amount of community templates that can improve your overall experience.

However, Grafana requires quite a lot of configuration and the documentation can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. In this article, we explore seven alternatives that can be simpler to use and can provide seamless integration of traces, logs, and metrics.