Jaeger tracing on steroids

You're using Jaeger... why use Uptrace? In addition to all the benefits of Jaeger, Uptrace provides you intuitive query builder, rich dashboards, automatic anomaly detection, time series metrics, and a lot more on top. Uptrace requires no maintenance and allows you to focus on improving your end users' experiences.

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Rapid search and exploration

Get insights from the terrabytes of collected telemetry data using powerful and intuitive query builder.

Time series metrics

Fill the gaps left by tracing with modern metrics. Uptrace comes with pre-built dashboards for popular instrumentations and ability to use SQL-like expressions to query multiple metrics from a single chart.

Monitor in-app errors and logs

Identify and fix bugs faster knowing what conditions lead to which errors. You immediately see the impact on app performance and users experience.

Resolve incidents faster

Compare each deployment against previous ones to know how your application is changing over time and which operations cause the change.

Application Performance Monitoring for all languages

Uptrace shows which endpoints are slow and why. Without a zillion of pointless charts.
Alexis Surendra
Senior Software Engineer @ MediaPoint

Eliminate performance bottlenecks
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