Infrastructure Monitoring

Build custom dashboards to monitor health and performance of your hosts, containers, services, dababase servers, and more. In seconds, you get actionable insights backed by the combined power of traces, logs, and metrics.

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Pre-built dashboards

Just start sending data and Uptrace will automatically create detailed dashboards for the most popular applications such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Kafka etc.

Resolve incidents faster

Enhance your dashboards with monitors that will raise an alarm whenever there is an increase in CPU, memory, disk consumption, or any other metric.

Server Monitoring

Get an overview of your servers and containers with detailed information about CPU, memory, disk, and network usage.

Accessible query builder

Build custom queries and dashboards using a fast and intuitive query language. You have the full power of SQL at your disposal to get deep insights from your data.

Infrastructure Monitoring for all languages

In our team Uptrace became an essential tool that makes working with microservices a breeze.
Kamilla Ofek
Director of Software Engineering @ CryptMeter

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