Monitor performance and errors at once

With tracing you can optimize performance and monitor errors at the same time.
And when your site is broken we notify you and help understand why it is broken.

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Full-stack monitoring

Monitor every service and system from a single dashboard. Get a high-level overview of a complex distributed application.

Checking the status of your app has never been easier.

Performance optimization

Use tracing to precisely pinpoint the problem in a distributed system. It provides a full context into what is different, what is broken, and what logs & errors are relevant.

Errors monitoring

Identify and fix bugs faster knowing what conditions lead to errors. Monitor the impact on application performance and user experience.

Data analysis

Get insights from all your data using simple Web interface for analytical database. We've got it all: percentiles, heatmaps, filters, grouping and aggregation.

Easily compare trends before and after a deploy.

Automatic notifications

Get notified when your app is down or an anomaly is detected. You can pick thresholds manually or let Uptrace set them for you based on existing trends and seasonality.

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