Unlimited users, services, and hosts
500metric series
3000metric series
$0.13per gigabyte
8,000metric series
$0.12per gigabyte

Why does Uptrace bill for data size?

Pricing by data size is simple to understand and works equally well for spans, events (logs and errors), and metrics. An average span is about 500 bytes plus the size of custom attributes.

When compared with pricing by number of spans, it is more fair for services that generate a lot of small spans, for example, gRPC messages.

What is a metric series?

A metric series is a metric with an unique set of attributes/labels. For example, if you collect 10 metrics on each host and you have 10 hosts, that is 10*10=100 metric series.

For how long data is available?

We store spans data (including errors and logs) for 30 days and metrics data for 90 days.

How do you calculate bills?

We bill for the amount of gigabytes ingested per month at the price of $0.13 per gigabyte. The minimal bill amount is $40. If you stay within the free tier limits, you are not billed. If you spend more than $100, you are automatically switched to Pro plan and the price is lowered to $0.12 per gigabyte.

At any stage, you can see your monthly usage and update your budget on the billing page.

How do you bill?

We are using Paddle for billing and handling local taxes (including VAT). All your billing details stay within Paddle and we don't have access to them. Paddle also provides you a receipt if you need one.

Do I need an account to try Uptrace?

No, you can see Uptrace in action using our public playground.

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible.