Chart annotations

Chart annotations are labels or notes added to a chart to provide additional information or context. Annotations help clarify the data presented in the chart and help the viewer understand key points or trends.

Uptrace displays annotations as square dots on the x-axis. Clicking on an annotation displays the annotation description and tags. The description field can contain markdown links to other systems with more details.

Chart annotations


Chart annotation is a new, evolving feature that is only available in Uptrace Enterprise edition. Once the work is finished, it will be open sourced in Uptrace v1.7.

Creating annotations

You can create annotations by sending an HTTP POST request to the Uptrace API:

curl -X POST \
   -H 'uptrace-dsn: https://<token><project_id>' \
   -d '{"name":"Deployed to production", "attrs": {"service.version": "540d2ee"}}'

The JSON payload must include the name field. Other fields are optional.

nameAnnotation name. Required.
descriptionAnnotation description text in Markdown format. Optional.
colorColor to be used in charts, for example, green or #00ff00. Optional.
attrsKey-value metadata, for example, {"deployment.environment": "production"}. Optional.
fingeprintUnique string used for deduplication. Uptrace will ignore other annotations with the same fingerprint. Optional.
timeOverrides annotation time in RFC3339 format. Optional.

For example:

curl -X POST \
   -H 'uptrace-dsn: https://<token><project_id>' \
   -d '{"name":"Deployed to production", "fingerprint": "v1.2.3", "attrs": {"service.version": "v1.2.3"}}'
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