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Uptrace is a cost-effective tracing solution that helps you monitor, understand, and optimize
complex distributed systems. Be confident in your production and deliver better code faster than ever.

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Distributed tracing
Tracing allows you to see how a request progresses through different services and components, timings of every operation, any logs and errors as they occur.
Time series metrics
With metrics you can quickly and effeciently measure arbitrary operations and then visualize them using percentiles, heatmaps, and histograms.
Explore unsampled data
An intuitive query language makes it easy to filter, analyze, and alert against your application data. The data is available within seconds and every bit of it is searchable.
Open API
Instrument your app once using OpenTelemetry API and export data to any vendor with minimal efforts. The API is efficient and works across different languages and environments.
Cost effective
Uptrace works with petabytes of data, delivers sub-second query response time, and requires no maintenance. All that at a modest price and ability to operate within a fixed budget.
Built to last
During the last decade we have created and continue to maintain open software with 20k+ stars on GitHub. Our mission is to use accumulated experience to build reliable tracing system.
Application overview

Monitor your whole application stack on a compact and informative dashboard. You get a quick overview for all your services, hosts, and systems.

Checking the status of your app has never been easier.

Data explorer

Analyze application performance using a fast and intuitive query language. You have the full power of SQL at your disposal to get deep insights from your data.

We also intelligently group similar spans together so you can immediately see the most important metrics on a route, query, or RPC level.

Time series metrics

Fill the gaps left by tracing with modern metrics. Uptrace comes with pre-built dashboards for popular instrumentations and ability to use SQL-like expressions to query multiple metrics from a single chart.

Performance optimization

Dive deeper into performance of individual requests that can involve multiple distributed services. You get a full context of what is different, what is broken, relevant logs and errors.

Errors and logs monitoring

Using span events, you can record errors and logs on operations where they occur automatically getting all contextual information which significantly reduces the time spent on identifying and fixing bugs.

Performance comparison

Compare trends before and after a deploy or against previous periods to know how your application is changing over time and which operations cause the change.

Compare. Analyze. Improve.

Smart alerting

Recover from incidents faster by receiving a notification when your app is down or a performance anomaly is detected.

We analyze historical data to predict future performance and then alert you if incoming data does not match predictions. You can also configure alert thresholds manually in case you have stronger requirements on app behavior.

We can tell within seconds if there is a change in performance and act accordingly.
Herman Miller
Software Developer @ CloudGun

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