Cloudflare Auth

Cloudflare Accessopen in new window works by protecting a subdomain like under it. If the user is not logged in to Cloudflare Access, Cloudflare will redirect the browser to so the user can verify their identity as required (PIN, GitHub login, etc.). Once Cloudflare authorizes the user for the application, they are redirected back to

Since Cloudflare is a full MITM, it injects the Cf-Access-Jwt-Assertion on every request, as long as the user is logged in. It also sets a cookie.

Uptrace config:

    - team_url:
      audience: 75940e2248f7135b7e3a6f9bf44bac3c1c7cae8539f98c4c7df6c08f37d92d33

  # Overrides public URL for Vue-powered UI in case you put Uptrace behind a proxy.
  addr: ''
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