Distributed Tracing

Understand relationships and interactions between distributed services to find performance bottlenecks and resolve issues faster. You get a full context of what is different, what is broken, relevant logs and errors.

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Tame microservices

See how a request progresses through different services and components, timings of every operation, any logs and errors as they occur.

Powerful filtering and grouping

Analyze application performance using a fast and intuitive query language. You have the full power of SQL at your disposal to get deep insights from your data and fix issues faster than ever.

Track down slow queries

Uptrace parses and intelligently groups similar queries together providing detailed database performance overview. As a bonus, all SQL queries are pretty-printed for you.

Resolve incidents faster

Compare each deployment against previous ones to know how your application is changing over time and which operations cause the change.

Distributed tracing for all languages

In our team Uptrace became an essential tool that makes working with microservices a breeze.
Kamilla Ofek
Director of Software Engineering @ CryptMeter

Recover from incidents
before your customers even notice

Reduce downtime issues