Ingesting telemetry using OpenTelemetry Distros for Uptrace

Ingest OpenTelemetry SDK

Uptrace uses OpenTelemetry protocol (OTLP) to receive telemetry data such as tracesopen in new window, metricsopen in new window, and logsopen in new window. Uptrace supports both OTLP/gRPC and OTLP/HTTP.

To start sending data to Uptrace, you need to configure OpenTelemetry SDK for your programming language using an Uptrace DSN.

Uptrace DSN (Data Source Name) is a connection string that is used to connect and send data to an Uptrace backend. It contains a backend address (host:port) and a secret token that grants access to a project.

You can find your project DSN on the Project Settings page:

Uptrace DSN

Once you have a DSN, follow instructions for your programming language:

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