Debugging Uptrace issues

Uptrace version

Before trying anything else, make sure you have the latest Uptrace version. To see the installed version:

uptrace version

Then check the latest available version at GitHub Releasesopen in new window.


You can see Uptrace logs using journalctl command:

sudo journalctl -u uptrace -f

By default, Uptrace only logs failed HTTP requests and ClickHouse queries. You can configure Uptrace to log all requests and queries by changing the config at /etc/uptrace/uptrace.yml:

# Enable to log HTTP requests and ClickHouse queries.
debug: true

Or changing DEBUG environment variable in /etc/uptrace/uptrace.conf:

# Configures Uptrace logging level.
#   - 0 - disable logging
#   - 1 - log failed requests and queries
#   - 2 - log all requests and queries

Don't forget to restart Uptrace:

sudo systemctl restart uptrace

And check the status of the service:

sudo systemctl status uptrace

Resetting ClickHouse schema

If ClickHouse queries are failing, you may want to reset database schema:

uptrace ch reset

The check the database status:

uptrace ch status
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